the quest is off

2009-3-28 Well only those who read my Twitter updates would know about "The Quest" but anyway, I consider it over. Or rather - off. Here's a central piece of poetry/musing that I wrote that reflects the core theme of that quest for me:

a dragon pines for the maid
shes blissfully unaware of his gaze
no knight will come to his aid
he sees the world in her face

she seems so young
his heart so old, so cold
a song that can never be sung
is burning in his soul

when dragon become knight
when love puts them on a quest
the only monsters that put up a fight
are the gremlins of doubt within their chest

i am the dragon
i am the knight
come under my wing
help me end this fight
come meet the dragon
come lets start this magical thing

ill show you thimgs youve never seen
come here under my wing
you can be my queen
and ill just be your thing

This is intentionally left in the raw form I wrote it, on my iPod touch one night (no punctualtion and no Caps). Why did I call myself off this Quest? It was going nowhere. Yes, one can only know of it would ever have gone anywhere if one prevailed etc. That's what a quest is about etc.
But... A Quest has a Prize, yes? And what if along the way you realize that the Prize is not worth persuing anymore? Prevailing beyond that point makes a Quest into an Obsession, a Fixed Idea.
So was it a bad quest? No, not at all. It was majorly educative for me. It taight me a lot of things about myself, and it let me work though some issues/challenges I was still carrying around with me.
As such, even though I called it off, The Quest has been a success.


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