the jupiter 3


Yes well, I got a theremin vox now. The wonders of xmas and all that. And I know that it's supposedly really works from the person I got it from - 'cause she tried it and could describe it's function perfectly well. Down to the part that I haven't gotten to work yet. The antenna that is meant to influence volume seems to be not reacting to any of my hand movements...

I guess this is a typical case of 'new machiness' diva-esque behaviour that I've had with all really important new tech in my life. My Machine Ludi (iPod Touch) seems to e slight exception from that rule, although I did have to learn that the model I chose is exactly THE ONE that can't be jailbroken yet... and in the end I figured out how to do what I wanted to without that anyway.

I guess the jupiter will be much the same. once I get it going I'll be wondering what all the frustration was about ^


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