soulmating and supernovas


‎"Stars must die so that I can live. I stepped out of a supernova. And so did you."

In many interpretations of the idea of 'Soulmate' there is the concept that at the beginning 'we' were all One, and that this one consciousness started to break up, split itself into smaller parts. This splitting is thought to alwys have been a split into two halves for some reason (why that would be so is fodder for another musing entirely) In that way each Soul alive would have a counterpart - the two making the whole that was split into two by the last seperation. (another sidenote about why the seperation ptocess stopped there or even if it did could go here)

Now if one takes that opening quote into account - which we know to be a fact of science today - we might begin to see how very true the core idea of soulmating really is, only on a far larger scale. We all HAVE come out of one big whole - each and everyone of us.

Ok... what a nice concept there... only who says we (or rather the atoms that make us) all came from the same supernova? We might say that it's likely that all the atoms that make humans on this planet came from the death of one and the same star... but that's something only a astro physicist could answer.


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