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Once I stopped groaning and whining about my lack of financial safety and lack of paying jobs and actually stared thinking about what it is I would like to do, all of a sudden I find myself with not only one but two writing assignments for topics that are realy dear to me.

One involves very techy stuff like 'gapped n-grams' and 'poison words' and the other involves such obscure topics like Tarot, wargaming and Tinderbox. Perceptive readers with some knowledge of German might already have identified the screen shot in the last post to be the outline of the techy one.

The text-similarity paper is already well under way and is a real client-consulting kind of thing. The other is currently 'just a proposal' but with very good feedback from the possible publisher. I'm not sure when - and if - my readers here will be able to see the results. For the one you'd need to be a subscriber, and I'm not sure if the client of the other will let me publish the paper freely.

None the less, it's always suprising me how new stuff comes walking along once you open up and stop whining. You just need to know what you'd like to do, and then go out there and tell them! Chances are 'they' will be more than pleased to have your work.


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