why this won't work


Why my experiment at educating poeple was doomed from the beginning...

I started "Such Gedanken" with the intention to educate deciders about things related to website design and Google Juice etc. My target audience would have been those persons sitting in positions to decide on websites, but not all too familliar with the working of the online world.

Nice idea? Well... it does have one flaw, which I only just realized while reading Steve Pavlina's thoughts about going pro as a speaker. He was musing about his possible audience and found that the deciders who usually booked speakers would most probably never know of him with no offline reputation and books to show. But his online readers would already amount to such a big base of possible clients that it didn't matter. So his audience would be those that are already web-savy and knew of "the blog thing". Fine.

But with my plan at giving educational workshops this will not work. Why? Those workshops are aimed at people who are not (yet) web|blog-savy. And How do I reach enough of those through a blog? I don't and I didn't. Wrong approach for the wrong people.

But the nice thing about weblogs is this: it only cost me some time, no (extra) money. I learned something so how's that for ROI?


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