when do you want something the most?


Imagine there is something you really want, really treasure, love.

When is your wanting the strongest?

Give this some thought. It's not as trivial and obvious as one might think.

"Naturally when I don't - yet - have it do I want it most" - that seems to be the most obvious answer. After all that's what 'wanting' is about, no?

The other - obvious? - time to want something is when one has lost something. We want it back.

But then, please give this a thought: if we want something the least once/while we have it, does that make sense? Why do we want it then in the first place?

Why don't we usually value/treasure things we have, and can only see their worth once we no longer have them?

For me these thoughts lead to a very nice way of evaluating things I want: Will I still want it once I have it?

And also for things I have: What would I feel if I lost it? Would I want it back?

This helps shine light on a lot of "I want this to be happy" kinds of wants. A lot of things we 'want' loose their lure once we posses them. Why do we always want what we don't have?

And sometimes we especially want what we know we can't - and never will - have.


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