commanding yourself


One very interesting idea/concept/method that came out of my recent dash at reading my pile of accumulated ebooks is this: learning how to directly 'command' the subconscious (un-conscious) self to do one's bidding.

A small background to help understand how this works: the basic concept to understand is that our un-conscious mind (usually referred to as subconscious) is constantly working away to make our life take the form we devise. Also this worker-part of ourselves takes things very literally. If we constantly think in negative term about our live, this will be what our un-conscious self tries to make real. The same goes in the - more preferable - other direction: if we take on a positive mindset and look for good things and opportunities, our un-conscious self will hint us in the right direction.

This idea goes beyond the 'proper mindset' concept. It claims that one can actually give one's own un-conscious self direct commands.

Here is how that is done:

A note about the last point: patience. The un-conscious does absolutly not work like a machine. There is no such thing as predictable results. We are dealing with intitution here. Results will take the form of a hinch or a strong urge to be somewhere.

AH, before I forget: be warned and no warranties. You might eat cats before you know it ;)


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