do I need more time?


The thoughts about polyphasic sleep got me thinking. What would I do with all that extra time?

Do I - really - need more time? The method outlined in the post above gives plently of extra time per day, as sleep is down to about 2-5 hours per day. But then I reflected on my day to day time usage.

Currently my problem is not that of lack of time. What I lack is uninterrupted time. Time I can actually use. Time when I can concentrate. I have enough time per se.

So, my real interrest now is less of how to get more time. I'm looking into how to use the time better that I already have.

What'S the problem with the time I have? In short: kids. I've written about this way back. Now a normal and straightforward approach would be to "organize better to get more uninterrupted time". Let's just say that's no real option. I can either stay up after the kids bedtime and try working then, but that's a highly unpredictable shedule. Also I'm usually quite spent about then also.

So what I'm really looking into is how I can get things done while still being there for the kids. So I guess what I'll need to get rid of is the myth of "3 hours of uninterrupted time". I need to find a way of working inspite of constant interruption.

So here's a "statement of intent" for all to read: I will learn to work with high productivity while calmly dealing with constant interruption and unsheduled work-times. Period.


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