Arguments of the Mind


Debbie Call talks about "Mindfrick" in her post entitled "Mind - Saboteur or Supporter?" What I found most interesting about this post is the way it demonstrates something I have said some time ago: logic (mind) is very often little more than a tool of emotion. And not a oposite of emotion.

In her post she lists three kinds of mindvoices that typically try to argue ger out of doing things. All of the examples given are NOT voices of logic. All are based deeply in fear, fear of the unknown, of the uncertain. Why then do we title these voices as 'mind'? Arn't those the voices of emotion? With the mantle of argumentative logic put on?

Logic/Mind is a tool. Here it's a tool to prove something, to pursuade. But the base of the argument is pure emotion. Fear. Even is the role of a factual/analytical inner voice, the basis is emotion.


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