the original myth


In relationship work I recently came across a very interesting concept: "The original myth" of a relation.

The concept can be summarized as such: Take a relationship, let's say a love relation. Ask both persons in the relationship if they can name the one adventure, happenstance, whathaveyou when they and everyone else "knew". The one thing they went through together that made their relation "obvious" and "real". The turning point from when on they were "a pair" and no longer "just two people". This experience that marked their relationship can be seen as their "original myth".

Now the concept goes further to say that the way in which this turning point played out actually is a pretense or theme for the whole relationship. The original myth is the first manifestation of the pattern the relationship revolves around.

And further: the relationship of these two people will be most healthy if they keep it close to their original myth. And that problems and stagnation arise if they stray from it.

I find this concept an intriguing one, and worthy of further thought and exploration. Can you name the original myth of the relationship you are now in? Or of one you were in? Does this concept hold truth? Why did that prior relationship break up? Or when was it most healthy in regards to the original myth?

What I also find intriguing about this concept: it can be applied to any kind of relationship. How would the original myth of a product or service look like?


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