have you tested your global microbrand recently?


Ok. If you have been reading this blog for any time - or if you have been blogging yoursef - you might not be surprised to hear me musing about the 'global microbrand'. The way in which my 'name' is known to 'the world'. Judging from the direct feedback I get, I would have to assume that my readership is fairly small. That's ok really. But does it make all the 'Effort' worthwile and all that... Well I have an anectote for you to show it is. and that is all is a matter of perservance and that the effects are always indirect.

Recently Marc Canter introduced me to Danny Ayers so I might turn to him for FOAF questions. So I went ahead and explained what we were trying to do and how FOAF played in. as an afterthought, I included my blogs URL under my name. And here is what came back to that: "That rings a very loud bell. Have you been there, like, forever?"

So there. People do know me :)

HAve you checked on your awareness-level out there lately? Remember this when next you bitch about the lack of feedback you get via your blog. Not all feedback is direct.


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