Are you going to do this anyway?


We all have had the search for support. an new idea, a cool project. Something we'd like - or even need - help with. But sometimes it's not that easy to get people to help, to support. Even if the idea is very good. and it would vastly benefit them! what is it that makes people want to support one persona and not so much another?

Here's an anectote from a seminar I attended as a guest: It was about community building, in the meatspace and finacial/existential sense. And there was this one guy - I think he was from Switzerland - who was telling us about all these brilliant ideas he'd had for community projects. and most of the ideas really sounded like a great idea. But he was bemoaning that it was simply impossible for him to find supporters. No one seemed to really want to put energy and money into it. He quoted them saying things like: "Oh, that's a WONDERFUL idea. Ping me if it takes off! I'd want to be part of that!" But when he contected them to become cofounders, no one really seemed to want to come along...

My gut feeling told me this about him: He was relying on people to help. I asked him this: "Would you have gone ajead and built the project anyway?" My feeling is this: If people get the notion that you are going to do a cool projwct anyway, they tend to want to be part of it. Once they sense that the happening of it relies somewhat on their participation, they pull back. People want to folow champions. But only few people want to be those champions.


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