you didn't expect me to comment on this, but...


I usually do not comment on things politics and football. You can guess on the reasons for that if you like. But the current development in the World Cup '06 has some aspects I do want to comment on.

Firstly, the World Cup seems to have been a turning point in Germany's slelf-view. As you might know it has been somewaht a taboo for us Germans to 'be proud to be a German'. It was just something we kind of avoided, maybe for obvious reasons. It has alos been colored a very brownish color by those who simply seem to never learn.

But with the World Cup, and the success of the German team so far this seems to have changed. It is now perfectly ok to show our flag, sing our song and just 'be proud'. Interestingly this has no political coloring to it. It seems to just be an identity thing, a staement of belonging.

and as to the drama of Germany loosing to the Italian team... well in my mind this might not be such a bad thing after all. It puts a good level on things before they gat out of hand. The German people seem to have found their identity as a whole, and that is what stays.

Another thing I find totally fascinationg about the current World Cup: opposing camps of fans - that seems to be a term from a distant past. Peaceful co-celebration, fans of the winning team consoling those of the loosing team.


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