my return to coding


It seems I am on the verge of seriously returning to coding. After a break of almost one year.

Now that I'm packing boojs and other stuff, deciding what will be put into storage and what will come along to the new place, I look back on my last year or so. I now see that I was totally frustated and burnt out from the techie stuff. Nothing I had (and still do) cared for was really enough to lure me into actual coding. I was building my "counseling/coaching" side, for a time it looked I might actually turn my back completly on coding.

But my recent thoughts about finding a steady job again coupled with the kind of people I would be willing to work with has changed that. Or so it seems.

It started with the Helma bunch of people. I was positioning with several jobs from that sphere of tech. None of those really worked out, I'm simply not into the Helma code (yet?).

Then just recently a possible work-together with Phil and Marc and others. That hasen't happend yet either, but it's still kind of open.

What all this has given me - apart from a real job - is a new perspective towards the tech/coding side of my skills. I noticed I'm still passionate about these things.

So now I wonder why I had turned away from those topics...

So I guess you will be seeing quite some more techie stuff from me here soon.


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