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Mark Bernstein recently had a nice post about Great Weblog Writers. That made me think about my expectations about my own writing here and elsewhere. What do I want from my own writing? What kind of quality do I strive for?

Focus and clarity. That would be nice.

And do I have that? Not always, and far too seldom in the last year or so. My writing has degraded somwhere along the lines I think. Back in ETP times thing were somehow better. Actually I don't really think my writing was clearer or more focused then. But it had more... well, what? Personality? Wit?

It was defiently more personal and involved with fellow ETP'ers. But it was all new and very personal back then anyway.

Today the sheer choice of other voices has made things far broader and less personal in a way. It git stressfull just to keep up with things the others were doing, and I also started to focus more on my own stuff again.

MAybe I even kind of lost interest in blogging altogether, but haven't really noticed.

Rambling - again. What'S my point? Do I have one? Do I need one?


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