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warning: if you don't like a rambling style of blog post, go read something helpful. Still here? Ok, cool, I love you too.
As would be expected from a Mac OS X fan like me, I instantly jumped to Software Update as I learned that Safari 3 was now available for Tiger in the 10.4.11 update. It's a big chunk of update that one, including several securuty fixes etc. Along the update process, my network died for some reason, so the process was interrupted. I restarted it when ym net was back, and it completed - successfully as it claimed...

Well Safari 3 had a bad start for me, crashing on soe JavaScript stuff etc. I was like WTF that will sort itself out eventually. I was busy and Safari is not life relevant for me, or so I thought. Getting back to work I brought up dashboard to start some services I need for local webdev that have convenient dashboard widgets. BOOM. All widgets gone. WTF?

Looking into Console it was quickly clear that the update to Safari 3 had gone foul somewhere... dxld errors for not found things in the WebKit Framework...

Ok, but what to do. software Update claimed the 10.4.11 update was done and ready. I started searching the 'universal manual' aka the web for clues... could I remove and reunstall an Software Update? Ah, here we go: download the manual installer and run that. Worth a try if a bit chunky at 120+ mb... Oh JOY the installer crashes! Now what??

Here's the final fix that solved my problems nicely: RUN REPAIR PERMISSIONS dodo. Disk Utility, boot drive, repair permissions, reboot, run update installer.

All well now. We have safari 3 and are happy.

But consider this: all I really wanted to do was start a littler service that happens to have a dashboard widget, so that I COULD DO SOME WORK... this only tool me about 5 hours, so why am I complaining hahaha


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