backup, yeah, WTF


Oh yeah, HEY. BAckup your shit. And I mean, like, NOW. Really, do it. Regardless of what I'm just about to say here.

So. I have this wonderfull external FireWire HD, with it's whooping 200 GB of storgae. Cool. And my internal HD is quite full with it's medicore 10GB. So I use thisa external HD as backup as well as my main audio storage. Audio as in original creative works, mind you. I do have my music collection there too,but most inportantly all the RAW, uncompressed audio I produced for my tracks.

So everything is cool and dandy? Well... what if, just for imagination, this external HD is for some reason less reliable than the internal? And you tend to delete seldom used stuff from the internal one to gain breathing space there? Well, that's what backups are for, no?

Well. All gone now. Having an iSight camera in the FireWire chain seems to be a bad idea. It appears to 'go to sleep' if not used actively... and that also 'disconnects' the HD. Bugger. Even if in read/write use at that time, like when listening to music files etc.

I have sucessfully repaired the damage done with DiskWarrior before... but not this time. All gone. I now have a virgin external HD. And I had also made room on my internal HD to accomodate refugees from the repair process...

So now, with a fresh start, I made two pratitions on that HD. One for backups, and another for files. The backup one will only ever be accessed for - wel backups. So my hope is that if this trashing of volume happens again, it will only affect the volume actually accessed. We'll see :)

Oh, and here's a good resource about all the external HD backup stuff using rsyncx.


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