fighting with new concepts


I'm just now in the process of integration some Tinderbox notes into my existing website framework... And danm am I fightig with concepts... Tinderbox' HTML export was clearly written with a different strategy in mind than what I was doing till now. Most blocks I hit make perfect sense after thinking them through from the Tinderbox perspective. But some still don't cleanly fit into my website framework.

For one, Tinderbox creates one HTML file per note. So far, so good. But when that note has children, a directory contyining those gets created. Now from the HTML/webserver side of things the parent note should become the index page of this new dir. As it is now, there will not be any index page. This will be ok if everything happens inside Tinderbox. Everything will be linked nicely. But in my case a lot of naviagtion get's created on the server 'on the fly' from info taken from the directory structure...

I'll find a way to work around my problems one way or the other. Only I'd like to find solutions that require minimum fuss for each new note created...

And all this is currently keeping me from publishing some stuff I have here. Once published on the web I feel very obliged to not go back and change paths etc. so I'd like to do it right oin the first (public) run...

Oh my, I'll need to spend some time on this soon.


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