packing and sorting


We're getting ready to move home again. After less than one year. We came here with the intention to stay.

Currently I'm packing and sorting my hardcopy possessions (books and the like). And this time it's not just pack and move. This time a lot of what I don't really ned is going into storage. For who knows how long. And it's difficult to decide what's fit to move into those containers. Stuff I didn't use in the last year or two? Hell, there's reasons I'm still carrying that stuff around with me. Roleplaying books, novels, computer books. I never touched many of them in the last year - or any of the years before that. But right now - looking at this wealth of fanastic stuff - I burn to burry myself in this stuff for weeks and read it all again. Some of it I would be reading for the first time even - never got around to it...

And then there's the problem of properly sorting and filing the stuff. When we came here, a lot was sinply taken out and put - anywhere. If I want to put this into storage and hope to have any use for it in a few yeards time - I had better sort it properly this time. No use scattering it all over the place if I want to shelve it for future use...

and then, when will that future be? No one knows exactly. Four years is an estimate. Luckily most of this stuff is older than six years already, so storing it for another four will not obsolete it far more than it already is :)

And I need to be realistic. Putting things in storage is not to be a delayed getting rid of things. If I can't see myself using this stuff when it comes out of storage, I'd better get rid of it now...


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