re-aligning plans


Things change. Plans - even life plans - turn out to be no onger sensible. I'm in one of those situations now.

Things around here have been going back and forth for some time now. We thought we had it nailed some weeks back. Well, things didn't worked out. In a peacefull way, but still quite final. We - Sandra and myself - simply don't see our future in this project anymore. Whatever, it's a long story.

What I would rather talk about here now is what comes after such a decision. The phase of uncertainty and re-alignment. It's not only "find a new home" thing. That's physical. But emotional one needs to re-align also. A hell of a lot energy and emotions went into getting us here and trying to make it work. These energies need to be freed now and new channels for them need to be found.

It's not so much the goals that have changed. Those are very much un-altered. And it's also not the why. It's the how and where, and also to a degree the "with whom".


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