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Recently I found a way to break out of my almost yearlong frustration with my chosen line of work (webdevelopment), It had been so bad that I didn't even find the energy to work on private projects that really 'motivated' me, things I really wanted to do.

Now with my newfound way of aquiring projects and clients - bidding on - this had changed completly. I suddently found myself being enthusiastic about webdev!

The only real problem I now have is that - as much as I love working on those projects - they do not really pay well. My motivation is so hight that I actually care little about that aspect, but there are bills to pay.

So now I have the unpleasant situation that I have lots of work, am really motivated to working on it, but I still can't see how my bills will get paid! What can be more de-motivating then that?


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