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This weblog here has already seen a broad spectrum of topics. I wonder if anybody sees the grand direction it is taking. Please tell me if you spot it!

As weblogs go, this one is a brain-dump as much as any other one. I do try to be well thought out and clearly written to a certain degree, but I guess the posts are still more of the scribble/sketch kind than anything else. Maybe that's just what it is about. That would make it more a public journal.

From my side of the keyboard some of the posts you can read here actually have more of a background theme as might be plainly visible. All too often I post something here that I feel needs far more context to be understood or valuable. I'm not sure if the scribble-journal style of my writing here will establish that context.

But then, I do plan to break up the 'classical' weblog style soon. I won't be having one page with reverse chronological entries. I plan to make my whole website a series of evolving thought spaces, with weblog-style index pages serving as an entry point for repeat visitors. I want a much closer relationship between standard, essay like sets of webpages and the time-based weblog elements.

Maybe I'm going towards the 'commented changelog' combined with random notes...


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