challenging assumtions


Things have been going downhill - again. What had been an option became a certainity. New things broke away, so the situation seems even worse. But is it actually?

One of the main skills I have been training my mind in these last years has been the ability to see things from different perspectives. A friend once titled mw "master of reframing" - and he should know, having studied psychology and all.

One of the ways to keep the mind open is to "challenge assumptions". The ability to ask oneself: "what am I assuming to be the case?" This ability very often shows new paths developing out of utter desaster. "What is the really bad thing about the current situation?" - "Why is that so bad?" - "Is it really?" And then trying to take the desaster "for granted", stopping to grieve about the hardship.

Every bad situation has a good side. Something to learn. The chance of a new beginning...

Whatever. I'm not sure I have the words to describe my thoughts today. But I'll leave this stand here just the same. Let's see what I make of it if I should look back at it in some time.


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