daily writers block


It's a common complaint: "When I sit down to write my mind goes as blank as the page before me." Well, I know that feeling. I have it all the time. It's not about if you have it or don't, it's how you deal with it.

Sometimes I have spent so much time away from my desk I can just sit down and start typing. Those times are sparse. When my times at the desk become anything resembling regular, I experience profound writer's block right when my alotted work-time starts.

My trick is to simply start doing anything work-related. If coding that would be debugging yesterdays bugs, or when writing that would be re-reading the last days paragraphs etc.

It gets my mind into gear. And coupled with an un-interrupted work-block of at least 3 hours, chances are good I will get into work-mode relatively quick. There's always more than enough for me to work on anyway. Also having the posibility to choose the topic for the day helps. I usually have at least two or three active projects. If the one I got stuck on yesterday still won't budge today I can switch gears "and now for something completly different."

Not knowing where the future is leading me, it' all important to keep moving anyway - the direction is not so important.


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