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Well I talked about this on my "Joy Of Noise" page. I nowadays do most my audio twiddeling in GarageBand. It suits me and is quite flexible once you establish a workflow. There are some tricks I still use Audacity ofr, but those are mostly the descructive audio editing tasks like tempo-shift or extreme filtering. But my install of GA has one major difference to the standard one. I have no, zero, nada Apple Loops or any other pre-looped material installed. All my audio material is custom recorded, sampled from other sources (like sample CDs) or just plainly generated (Audacity again, with the Nyquist scripting language). The original reason for this Apple-Looplessness were space constraints. My G4 TiBook has only 10GB of HD... I moved to an external Firewire HD very soon, but the lack of original Apple Loops prevailed. It has become a virtue to me. And I also use only very limited amonts of software instruments. Actually there is only one track that has any, and that instrument is a third-party chello (Claire Fitch). Did anybody say individualist or purits? Hehe.


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