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Well is seems I am really getting this whole Studio thing worked out finally. This weekend I seem to have finally gotten my windows machine back into fully functional mode. And networked and internet connected. Wow. And now you need to know that all that was keeping this thing from being fully functional for almost the last one and a half years (!) was basically the fact that it was always too much hassle to actually get it done. I made do with my Mac and carrying filkes back and forth on a usb memory stick. Each time I tried the networking thing... things went so bad so fast I usually didn't bother. And what is really getting me up about myself mostly in this, is the fast that there was really zero hardware reason for it not to function in a network. I was assuming a faulty NIC. But today I see that it's perfectly ok. Same went for the monitor. I have this lovely EIZO 19" monitor. I really loved it, and was quite proud of it. Super shap and crisp clean colors. Until the last two years or so. It was hurting my eyes. It seems to have a kind of fuzzy unsharpness. Not bad, so some people never really noticed. But my eyes watered after a few minutes. So that was another reason NOT to really look into this thing. And now? I got myself a hight quality monitor cable (no idea when and where it had aquired this crappy one I had been using). And well... what do I say? It's crisp and clear again. For an investment of about 6,- EURO that is quite some payback.

Well, there is a pont to my rambling here. with all the CRAP going on in my life the last year(s), I never really got to cleaning out these small anoyances. And really I was fearing them to be major. I was very much avoiding using the PC.... as I was fearing I'd have to invest major cash then to get it all fixed or replaced.

Turns out all that was a rather small thing actually. It just neeeded taking care of. And I am finally out of the mental block it seems, so I can now really get those things straightened.



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