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No wonder my MacBook was getting sluggish... I've aquired over 20gb of music on the rather smallish internal HD :) ... So now that I have a nice and stable *Vista* laptop siting here right beside the MacBook, one that I actually use on a regular basis... that has a whooping 250gb of HD to booot.. the plan was to move my main iTunes storage to that machine. So I happily copied over all my folders to the vista hd, expecting iTunes on windows to re-import all my mp3s with all info intact - after all they all have ID3 tahs written, right?

Nope. All files transfered, and loaded in iTunes PC - all artist/album/genre info was missing!

Analysing the mp3 files with a windows ID3 tag editor showed that all files that iTunes/Mac has written or modified had ID3 v2.2 tags... which were - tada - EMPTY.

What to do?

The end solutions is actually quite easy, if you haven't already removed the mp3 files from your Mac source library: go to the 'music' folder in iTunes, select *all* and right-click, Choose "convert ID3 tags", and here choose vversion v2.3 (this is generally known to be the most compatible version) ... Let iTues do it's thing - this may take some time to complete as it will modify each and every mp3 file.

Checking these modified files again in the tag editor showed me that now the tags were actually having the proper content! Oh wonders of tech :)


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