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It's been some time I updated this weblog. Actually it has been some time since I used Tinderbox or my PowerBook on a regular basis.

There have been several reasons for this, a change in daily rythms was one of the more abvious ones. As my main project for this last year ended prematurely, I was left with quite some extra time. Also I was no longer in the office on a daily basis, so a need for a mobile workplace was less pronounced. At home I simply use the win2k desktop that is on and connected anyways.

But more importantly, I was doing some very serious self-explorational things here on this PB and in Tinderbox.

The end of that project is in a way also the beginning of the end for that part of my work-life. It started as a normal employment. With the dot-com bust, a lot of the work and also many of the employees 'vanished' until by the end of 2003 there were only two webdesigners left.

Instead of laying us off also, it was suggested if we might go freelance and continue doing what we had done but in a freelancer/client kind of relationship. Calculating everything and also the gained freedom this looked like a very good solution, so now I am self-employed since January of 2004.

This worked out rather ok for the time being. But I was very frustrated with the kind of work and also the organisational things involved way before this move. Being freelance didn't really improve that.

So now I saw this end of a project as my final chance to free myself of this strained relationship.

Well, the freeing part has so far worked nicely. But with freedom also comes new things. The need to fill the gap that has been left. A new way to pay the bills!

That's what I have been pushing around and around in my head for these last weeks. What to do to feed me and my growing family?

What to do that will also do my inner needs good? I know that the job has burnt me out the way it was. Frustration and boredom with a line of work can do that just as nicely as sheer overworking.

So what do I do that will be better? I really know what I will not get myself into again...

I haven't found THE answer yet. But the fact that I finally returned to Tinderbox and my PowerBook signals an end to the block I was experiencing...


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