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'Getting Things Done' by D. Allen is a very common topic I encounter especially under fellow Tinderbox bloggers. And Tinderbox seems to be a very good tool for the pratice of 'GTD' (a nice summary is here). But does it also work for creativity?

What sparked this question is another nice summary on Curt Rosengren's site: 'Everyone is creative' where he qutes Psychology professor Richard Wiseman:

"...I try not to completely forget about the issue, but rather continue to be mindful of the problem. In short, I try to achieve more by striving less.

"I also try to feed my mind with new experiences, such as going to a museum, or flicking through magazines or newspapers. But I don't push it.

"Instead, I simply immerse myself in novel ideas and experiences, and leave it up to my brain to find a solution among the huge amount of information, meetings, comments and emails that I encounter on a daily basis."

Now this approach differs in one majoe point from the GTP one, where it is important to 'download each and every idea to an external storage as soon as possible, to free up your mind and not put it under stress'

As you might have guessed my normal approach is more like 'letting it bew in my unconsious until it is ripe'.

But are these two approachee really in conflict, on opposite sides?

One deals with creativity, the other with getting thing done (literally). Maybe they are not nmutually exclusive but just two tools to be used at the right time?

One thought I came across very early said that 'creativity is like cloud of light, creating is a very highly focussed beam of light'. Making things as a highly organized activity, while 'dreaming things up' can be the basis of that creation. But the mode is different. The mindset is way different. The required tools are.

So I guess to conclude my thoughts: 'Getting Things Done' might not be a creativity tool. But it will defiently help to 'make real' those dreams creativity has produced. It is a tool of creation, not of creativity.


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