when dreams become painfull


or why dreaming so often leads to disappointment.

How often have grown-ups told you to 'stop dreaming and get real'? We all are conditioned to believe that 'whishfull thinking' is a bad thing. It's a synonym for 'hoping in vain'.

But why is that so?

I've recently been re-reading Shakti Gawain's book about 'creative vizualisation', a book that has influenced my thinking since the age of maybe 17.

The main teaching in it is that any whish that is repeated with emotion will be taken by our sub-conscious as an direct order. And that this sub-conscious of ours can and will do anything possible to grant that whish. That goes in positive and negative. It very much depends on the kind of emotion we connect the whish with.

So in this vein if we formulate a whish and concentrate on it with negative emotions like vanity, hopelessness or doubt we actually give an destructive order! We instruct ourselves to not make it come true!

But why then don't we have the power or will to connect our whish with positive emotion? And what would those be?

Belief in our own abilitly to make it come true, faith in ourselves and certainty.

We are all so trained - conditioned - by our surroundings that a 'whish' is something that most probably will not be granted, that to 'whish' is a sign of weakness. We are told that to hope is 'to hope in vain'. The notion of 'whishfull thinking' has a definite negative meaning in our daily use.

To achieve our dreams we first of all need to have some. But then we also need to learn to trust ourselves to be able to make them reality. What happens very often is that selfdoubt, external critisism and negative thinking make our dreams turn sour. Those dreams - whishes - are thereby connected with negative, destructive emotions... Our dreams become painfull. A whish or desire becomes longing.

We need to get rid of that conditioning. We need to learn that we can achieve what we whish for. We need trust in our own ability to make our dreams come true.

'Whischfull thinking' is a powerfull tool if it is combined with faith and trust in ourselves!


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