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My current net situation forces me to do a lot of my work offline and upload and send only once or twice a day. These last weeks that meant I got only very little of my real work done. It was simply eassier to not do those things than try and improvise around the hurdles.

The luxury of letting thing alone no longer exists for me now. The time has come where I have so many thing to do online that I simply can't push them away anymore. So a new way of work needs to be found. A workflow that adapts to the current situation. A situation that will not change in forseeable future. Where I live now a broadband connctikon is simply not possible and the ISDN connection I have has a duration based billing scheme. So even if and when I optimize my office for easier access to that conncetion it will still not be an allways on kind of connection.

So what I'm looking to implement is a offline workflow for an online world.

Actually as I have mused earlier, this might not be such a very bad thing. For one it will help the editorial process, as there is an extra step between writing and publishing. That goes for weblog, essays and also for email communications. It takes out the instant aspect and gives me time to re-think some things before posting...


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