Why do I still drink Coke?


I seem to be in a random-thought blogging mood today... So here goes:

I was wondering why I drank so much Coke lately, when I know it only pulls me down? The combination of caffeine and sugar (no diet stuff for me) usually has only one effect these days: making me nervous, short-tempered, unpatient and ultimately very tired.

But I keep comng back to the stuff when I feel I need to be uplifted, inspired, awaken.

How come there's this discrepancy between what I expect and what happens? And why, please why do I act against better jugement? (I know the stuff won't do what I hope it will)

Here's what I found:

That was a very exausting but also a very rewarding routine. And some how it seems I have retained the Coke/Pavlov effect. I combine the taste of stale Coke from a large plastic bottle (yupp, that's how I like it) with boundless creativity, concntrated work and artistic expression. Too bad the two things had little to do with each other in the first place...


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