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As I noted earlier, I still have my doubts about Stuart Wilde's will-without-emotion thing...

Very interesting then for me was the fact that in the very next book I had on my reading list ('Think and Grow Rich') the author (Napoleon Hill) seems to completly contradict Stuart Wilde. Hill goes into great length about how any thought repeated over and over and mixed with 'emotion' will transmit as an order to the sub-conscious and 'manifest' as physical reality through the workings of that sub-conscious.

I don't want to go in too deep about that right here and now, but I guess one thing about the seeming disagreement between Wilde and Hill has to do with this: What Wilde refers to as 'emotions' are maybe what Hill refers to as 'negative emotions'. Hill also stresses that is is very important to employ 'positive emotions'. It's very easy to see how negative/destructive emotions that 'manifest' in ones life will (and do) harm and hinder a person.


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