your body already knows the truth


To find our real intention, wants, to make our best decisions, we usually trly heavily on our rationale. We do not trust our gut feeling as it is hard to define and grasp. It's a gut feeling after all.

But there is a way to calibrate and get exact true/false answers from "the gut". It is called "muscle testing" (go on, google it)- The idea is simple: a positive statement strengthens us, and a false one weakens us. And this can be easily tested by the amount of resistance a muscle can put up to a defined pressure. The exact details of how to do this vary, but the baseline is this: There is a way to ask yourself about the truth of a statement, and actually get a definite answer. And sometimes that answer will suprise. (Very often we THINK we want something, or we THINK something is true to us, when actually deep down it is not)

You are free to think what you want about this, but there is one thing that I found most fascinating in myself while experimenting with these thoughts:

a) I have known about this method (and others) for quite some time

b) I can accept it to be a real source of information

c) I never used it

So, why? Wouldn't I be interested to verify my beliefs about truth abd falsehood if I could? Wouldn't a definite way to check if my thinking was right soon become a standard tool in my box?

Well, going deeper into this mystery I realised: Having a tool that would give definte true/false verification about my musing... made me reluctant to ASK certain questions of myself!

So the real question here is: Do I want to know the answer?


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