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One of the major reasons why I still use my MacBook as my MAIN workhorse (after adding a sleek vista laptop to my park) is the very smooth and interactive screen zoom. This is something I haven't perviously been able to do on any windows (or linux) machine: hold down one hotkey and use scrollwheel to actively zoom the screen rehion. This has been majorly helpful for me (I can work nicely on a failry small screen, but some text fileds or fiddely controls are just too small to figure out to me)

On windows this has never been possible for me. If the screen font is slightly too small... that's just the way it is. I can crawl into the screen, sure, but you can only get so close to any display ^

Today I finally found something that comes very close to helping me: ZoomIt by Mark Russinovich. The only thing it lacks is the abiklity to actually USE the zoomed screen display normally. In Os X I can zoom and type/click etc. ZoomIt is not designed to do this, it's designed to be a persentation/annotation tool. But it comes close enough for me to help me figure out the fiddly stuff without having to reduce the screen resolution alltogther...


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