Here are some tracks that either never made it to an 'finished' form, or live on in a later, evolved versio. I want to preserve them here to show you some of the process I go through.


play: MantraMiasma.mp3 (''13:00 min, 130kbit/s (VBR)kbit/sec)

Here's a weird track of the evolving ambience type (although it might be bit short for real ambience)

Trained ears might well spot the typical Traumwind/Daevl.Plugs elements. Additionally this one uses several 'chined delay' sound arrangements (obviously the wind chimes, but also the thunder - see also "fabriBeep" on this page). Chimed Delays are basically a series of delays that are pitched (in melodic intervals or not) but also panned in the stereo field randomly.

Maybe the most interesting thing technically about this track is that it uses only a very limited amount of base samples, which are varied by the use in different Effect settings...

Some more notes: The vocal parts (the main mantra) is intentionally sundues and washed out extremly by adding several layers of noise and harmonics/putching/reverb... usually vacal tend to be the natural focal point of a track, so by intentionally subduing them the awareness of the ear moves to the 'other' things while all the time trying to tune in on the voice(s). Maybe that's why this track - like many of my tracks - tends to 'make you hear things that are not there'... for example several listeners (myself included) distintively hear 'children at play' somewhere in the middle of the track. There are none, I can tell you, and I should know :)

1dot9 stycky remix

play: stycky_mix1.mp3 (''3:52 min, 128kbit/sec)

Vlad over at has found the time to release another set of his 1dot9 sets of samples. These are one base loop processed 9 different ways using the Daevl.Plugs. The new set is called Sycky and shows off nice combinations of the plugs in multiple stacking. There is a downloadeable zip with the resulting loops and that has detailed descriptions of which plugs were use. Now, what do I have to do with that apart from thinking it's cool? Well, I went and put it all together into a track of course. It is quite astonishing what you can get out of ONE basic sample loop. In my track you can hear the original loop for the first four bars, and then there will be the nine others fading in and out, punching in and generaly having a good time. Note that I also use no extra FX apart from volume fades and some slight LFO based cutoff filtering to get the rythmic fadein/out going. Enjoy!

Space Sliced 5 Ways

play: spacesliced5ways.mp3 (''06:00 min, 128kbit/sec)

To challenge myself for the "Daevls In The Pale Moonlight" artists profile I asked Vlad Spears to send me 5 samples of his choice. I woould then re-arrange, transmogrify and transmute then into a track. The rukes were simply: anything goes but other source audio material. All audio in the track needed to be derived from the original 5 samples.

The idea has since caught on, and there will be a page collecting such tracks on soon.

Traumwind Minimalism

play: fabriBleep.mp3 (''11:08 min, 128kbit/sec)

This track is - for all it's aureal complexity - actually quite minimal. It is composed of 2 (two) base samples. One is a phone bleep, the other the swoosh-beep of an industrial robot. What makes this so complex is the use of what is called a "Chime Delay". It's a delay that does two things: it creates random length delays that are also randomly panned in the stereo field, and it pitch-shifts them. The beauty of this particular one is that you can specify the pitch shift in semitones and you can specify a list of intervals you want created. In that way one can create harmonious delay clusters (using maybe a pentatonic scale etc), or more disharmonic ones when using staggered semitones.


play: DaevlPakt.mp3 (01:10 min, 128kbit/sec)

This track was done to give the Daevl.Plugs suite of audio transmogrifyrers a good whirl in my function as member of the "The League Of Extraordinary Beta Testers".

And please note: the text you hear vocalized here is actual and very real part of the Daevl.Plugs


play: SoundHacked.mp3 (05:10 min, 128kbit/sec)

This is the result of my first day with SoundHack, a very powerful (and free) tool. It's main strength is the modification of sound spectra. A lot of very strange things can be done by combining and cross syntesizing just a few basic sounds (in this case it was mostly two voice recordings and a little music)


play: GrooverPhasic.mp3 (04:04 min, 128kbit/sec)

This just a luttle fun thing I put together from some loops.

DarknessIntro (raw version)

play: darknessIntro.mp3 (04:16 min, 128kbit/sec)

This a almost pure voice recoring version of a later track. Notice here that my voice is almost without processing, straight from my iSight camera. Note also the difference to the actual later track. That is the exacty same voice recording, only cut and processed.

Novice Glass Noise

play: noviceGlassNoise.mp3 (02:25 min, 64kbit/sec)

This is just me playing around with some ideas. It is not a finished track i any sense, but it has something that made me pubkish it here anyway.

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