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As you may have read here, my root server died this week. It had been running quite reliably ever since sometime in 2002. But much as the "Death Card" in tarot os NOT the harbringer of doom, the death of this machine was actually a bit of a lucky stroke for me. Why? Well you see, the way these root server contracts go, you get one machine all to yourself. One physical piece of hardware. And that's the catch. If this piece of hardware is anything near as reliable as the one I had... you're sort of stuck with it. And in our toimes of rapid hardware performance immprovements that's a bit of a PITA after six years. If I had signed the exact same contract this year, the hardware I'd be using would be quite a bit more powerful than the late was!

My 'plans' had been to eventually sign a seconf, new contract to get a current server hardware, and then cancel the old one. That would have meant an overlap of at least one month paying for both - more likely something like three months.

With the physical hardware death of the machine tied to my current contract though.. they HAD to supply me with replacement. And so now I did get my hardware upgraded after all :)

It's bot quite as powerful as what I would have gotten with a new contract, but it's definetly quite the improvement!

The server is dead, long live the server!


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