vista or xp? now what


Continuing my saga of an unexpected love of windows... I set out to get the new laptop to dual-boot vista and xp. I had all the best instructions too. Only was I trying to be very smart and ended up with ONLY xp on the machine. No big deal, I didn't loose much I can't reproduce anyway. So now I have a fully working laptop with winXP... It feels snappier than the previous lean Vista install... but... yeah, BUT. I'm not sure if it's because I set out to have Vista AND XP and ended up with ONLY XP... but I don't like XP so much it seems. I need to keep in mind that I haven't actually worked much with wither installation, only twiddled around a bit and browses the web. My previous Vista install just seems nicer, friendlier in retrospect - not that it's gone. The feel of a work environment mater to me almost as much as the 'performance'... and the vista install just felt better to me - at least I recall that it did. And this is where my condrum set's in: I know very well that it might be a recollection colored by the fact that it's gone! So here I go, another setup session. I shall have vista and xp dual-boot- Direct comparison.

The remaining question fpr me here is: which of the systems would be my main one for this machine? Only actual daily use can really tell that.


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