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For the most part of my adult life, I have had a pretty poor excuse for a signature - the thing you use to sign legal papers etc. The one I use developed - or rather detriorated - during my first job. I had to do the cash counting, fill out a form and deliver both to the store's main cash register in the short time between end of business and close of registration. That was sometomes about 10 minutes or less, and also involved a lonish walk and climbing several staircases. Signing the form legibly was my least concern. But doing this on six days of the week for almost two years... kind of burnt in that weird scrawl of a signature that might have been three crosses for all it mattered.

It stayed with me, and doing next to no actual handwriting since then never really got a chance to be re learned either. Being legaly blind gives you several extra excuses of course, the main one being that you get away with almost zero actual paperwork on real paper and can often have other sign in your name etc.

The few times I actually signed my own 'name' in recent years, I was always commenting on my awful scrawl of a signature, yet never changed it. Changing a signature has some consequences of course - you need to 'register' the new one for banks etc.

But truth be told I am fed up with my own whinge about it.

So today I sat down and tried out a 'new' signature. It's been an interesting experience so far. No longer having any real handwriting style to speak of, I still need to find a way to write my name that is

If I just let my hand do the writing, it get's way close to the afore mentioned scrawl that has zero resemblance to a written name. Concentrating on actually writing out name doesn't work well either. This tends to produce a weird and ever changing mix of printed letters and some strange handwriting. The trick is to find the sweet spot between what my hand is used to do, and a new, readable version. doing so consistently is the main goal here. Beauty or style at this point are a minor concern.

I really want a repeatable, consistent way to write my own name. That's all :)


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