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Today is one of the days I really love the fact that I can blog offline since I use Tinderbox for my writing. My webserver is offline this weekend, for non-technical reasons.

So I can still write up my thoughts, and not fret about the unavailability of my server. You will only read this once the dust settles, but it is still very convinient to atill be able to write this now.

And it's also a very weird feeling to have been hosting several websites for others for so long. Just now I was thinking whoose page I might visit, only to have several of them come up as "ouch, that one is down now too. I'm hosting it."

I think that's what makes this non-technical downtime the worst downtime I've had. All those people are offline because of my problems. And I can't start fixing them before the ISP have 'normal working hours' agin. We have a holiday... Being to blame and not being able to do anything to make things better... bummer.


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