Kindle is a service, not a device


Mark McElroy very nicely sums up the issues with Amazon' Kindle eBook reader: "In the end, the decision is really this: do you want to buy into a service limited to displaying the texts one vendor offers (and get, as a result, simplicity and some wireless bells and whistles), or do you want to buy a device that you can use to read any texts you like?"

And there is anotjer angle to all this anyway: One of the very strong bells and whistles selling points is Kindle's wireless abilities... but now if you consuder that we today have SD cards that combine 2GB of storage with WiFi... this would turn ANY devie that can handle SD storage into a wireless device. I'm nit sure if these WiFi SD cards can be written to over the WiFi, but I'm quite sure they could - if the manufarcurer so desired it...


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