#xfc;hle day two and such 2004-12-23

Okay... this was intended as a series of posts journaling my first few days in a new home...

What happened is this: I went down with a cold after spending the second day out in the frozen but sunny lands of this place. The earth was frozen solid and the sun was shining brightly, no real snow but all was white with frost. A very nice day to walk the grounds and see things.

The next day I spent in bed almost entirely and from then on I was occupied with being a good spirit to Birgit (who desperatly needed some kind of social support with dealing with her new role as landlady). I got to know some of the people who regularly come by and breathed in a whole lot of zgarete smoke... the drawback of scocializing in a pub....

Nothing much I'd write about now and here, although I'm sure there were a few things I'd have written down if I'd had the TiBook open...

I'm back in Nürnberg now and having a 'last day' here today. We'll be almost moved for X-Mas. All the day to day stuff has already moved yesterday, now only the complete household remains ;)


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