a death in the family


My uncle died in hospital tuesday 2am. It was suprising although we all had been prepared for the eventuality. He had been suggering from muscle distrophy for all his life. At the age of 50+ he was no longer able to walk etc. Our thoughts and concerns are now with his mother of age 91 (!) who was very much the motor and support in his life. My grandma is a very clear, warm and yet rational/pragmatic woman. She has remained very active and strong despite her age. She had a reason, a purpose. We now wish for her to find a new joy and purpose in life so that she may enjoy the remaining years. Having lived with and cared for her son for all of his life and now outliving him is definerly not what she expected to see happen. There is so much more I could say about all this... yet I will just end this post by saying I am proud of my grandma and her life.


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