#xfc;hle - day one 2004-12-14

This is my first day in a new home. It's not really home yet, but it's where I will be living and working for the comming time of my life.

So today is kind of like the first day of reality. Up to the day I came here to really live here, this was more like a dream. We had been dreaming and planing of a place like this for quite some time. A place where we could live, raise our children in close contact with nature, and also a place where we could work. Where we could invite people to come to heal, to grow and to learn. A place of our own for our seminars and workshops. A place we could fill with our own power and style. Not a place we rent when needed and share with other people that have completly different views and outlooks on life. But more about that maybe later, I'm still not sure of how to put all that into words..

Maybe just so much for now: I'm sitting here in one of the guestrooms of our small inn, like a traveller on a visit. Today is restday, so there is basically no one but me, some cats and a dog around. This place is a buzz on weekends and when the weather is good for hiking, but today it is realy lonesome.

That is good, as it gives me time to 'come home' to this place in my very own pace. I choose to come out here alone at first, Sandra is still in the apartment with the two kids... It's a small - one week - vabation I get, away from everything and the kids. Our little daugther is just a few weeks old now, and my son is four years. Having both around can be demaning at times. Especially the difference in age makes thing difficult. Their respective neeeds and demands are just zoo far apart and it is very hard to cater to both at one time...

Birgit, Sandra's sister and the new landlord (landlady?) around here is using the day off to run some of the errands tht such a take over requires, so she isn't around either. The former landlord ans especially his wife show up from time to time with a truck and some helpers to continue moving out, but that is one house across so I haven't spoken to them yet today.

Oh, and have I mentioned? This place - the Herlodsmühle - lies at the beginning of a nature reservoir, so when the weather is not suited to hiking we are practically on our own out here. That is a thing that is only very seldom to be had in closely settled Germany!

We are not cut off or anything. The next big city is only about 20 min away by car, and Heiligenstadt is about 5 min away... But no one comes here on days like today...

So, I guess there's no real point to this post. It's more of a journal entry, trying to put all those thing happening in my life in some kind of narrative for the outside world.

And I will not be able to post this until well after christmas I guess... we don't yet have a net connection out here, but is in the making, Not sure if I will be able to enjoy the speed of a broadband (DSL) connection, but we will be having ISDN so I guess I will get by ok.

Untill then I will be writing this here offline, and do a lot of thinking ;)


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