healing places


No, I'm not talking about places of healing here. There are places that can heal people, and then there are places that need healing. Places where much bad has happened, places that further strife and unrest.

The place we have chosen to live in for the future seems to be both. When we first came here we where almost overwhelmed by the power and peace of it. Now that we live here, we are experiencing another side. It seems to be a very powerfull place indeed, very energizing. But exactly that aspect is becoming more and more of a problem. Everybody here is becoming more and more aggregated and irritable. Britsling with energy, almost burszing with it. And

Very often this leads to aggression... Now that we know more of the recent and past history of this place, we see multiple examples of family conflict, of overstreching ones power. There's several examples of propetiors who did very well until they overstreched and lost everything,

Now we have the chance to not fall into that trap. Being aware of the power and energy a place brings can help to properly channel it. I don't think this place is bad or has a bad power. I just think that it can be too much if one doesn't find a way to properly use the energy it gives.

I also think this place has a lot of things gone awry. Things that need to be ended and healed. It deserves to have peace.

We are here to see to that.


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