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I was reading this post about "convergent and diverget thinking" on TarotTools.com, and it got me thinking about what I am aiming at with my own work on "assosiative text".

My main gripe with classical linking strategies for making information accessible - may they be rigid like hierarchies or freeform like WiKis - is that all of them will only show you what others already have made accessible. Maybe you did the linking yourself, but still, it will always be a road already traveled.

Now this sounds very much like "converget thinking" to me. Don't get me wrong, convergent thinking has it's place alright! But for creative types, for people wanting to blaze new paths, find new ideas or simply new perspectives it will simply be of little use.

"Assosative Text" - a system that can make assosiations of other existing work to a newly written or viewed piece of text would give quite another in-roads towards a topic. It could possibly find information that is already there, that is relevant to the topic at hand, but that has not yet been put in context. This would help tremendouly with accessing new topic where the reader/writer does not yet know the proper waysigns etc.


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