daylight therapy


Having sufficient lighting can be very important for your day to day performance.

Here at the Heroldsmühle, the lighting situation is not optimal at all. These days there is not very much natural light (rainy, grey days for weeks now) and the architecture keeps out a lot of that light also. So we live with a lot of artificial light on a daily basis. But as this is a rather old building and the energy costs can be rather high given the constant need for light, the light bulbs are normally very weak ones.

Most people are aware that poor lighting makes you tired and drowwsy. But as we already have the lights turned up, we don't usually realize we have too little light!

Being a friend of reading in bed, I have made a long standing wish come true and now have really good lighting in bed. Funny thing is, this place here is actually the currently most well-lit place at home! And I was wondering why my latent insomnia had become ever more pronounced in these last days... I was very drowsy in the day, and stayed up very late at night reading.

My nightly reading place being the best lit place at home - I don't yet have a real office here - I was actually doing daylight-therapy at night. Big wonder my days where crap untill I went to bed to read!

So now I'm using my bed as my office... thanks to mobile computers this is very possible.

That has one more strong point: my usual problem of having extremly cold feet when working is completly gone thanks to the comfort of my workplace :)


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