routines, cycles and variation


Routines don't work for me. That's something I learned the hard way. I am most pructive when I break out of routines.

Yet when I step back from the daily scale and look at my life, I recognize patterns, cycles. Everything I do appears to return in cycles. My daily life even has certain patterns to it. I follow certain daily rituals and am often very confused if I can't maintain my 'rythms'.... So where is this different from having routines?

Maybe it's due to my own definition of routines: to me those are rigid, un-changeable modes of operation. Do it this way, each day, and stick to it.

You may have noticed while reading this blog that I am an iconoclast. Dogma gets to me, I want to break it up. Routines feel like dogma.

I accept cycles, rythms. As long as they have variation. The outcome may be the same each time, but the way I get there varies. Sometime in small details, sometimes in big ones. As in music. Composition, harmony and rythm are all cycles. It's the variation to the theme that makes it enjoyable.

Structure, not routine.

Structure gives a base to build on.

Routine is boring and stale.

Life happens in cycles, it is a cycle in itself. Yet through variation it is constantly adapting to reality. Dogma and routines deny adaption.

Cycles, not blind repetition.


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