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Hmmm. What does 'love' mean anyway? I'm musing about the use of the word 'love' in our daily language here.

Michelle suggests in 125 versions of Love we find replacement words that better characterize the actual feeling that is being expressed when we say things like "I love this book" or "I love my parents."

"It just feels like its time English, as a language, got a grip and tried to define 'Love' a little more succinctly instead of relegating this once fine word to the banal and stupid."

Being the contrarian trickster I like to think of myself being, I'd go another route. So here would be my literary challenge:

Write a story, novella or novel that uses the word 'love' (and it's derivate forms) for each and any expression of affection towards things, situations or people. Do the same for expressions of aversion by using the word 'hate' exclusively.

(you might want to start by using an pre existing story and simply replacing the wordings)


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