Yo! Jimbo?


As you might know, with each licence of Tinderbox these days you get a copy of BareBones' Yojimbo. So what do I make of it? At first I was not sure what I'd need Yojimbo for. After all, making notes was what I thought I was using Tinderbox for. I have a big tbx file just for jotting down notes. I put in addresses, phone numbers, dev notes, phone notes etc. It has become cumbersome and loads/saves rather slowly now. Looking stuff up in it works quite well, but actually I simply use base search on it. I need to know some words I put in with the info (names etc). That worked ok. Now enter Yojimbo. Where Tinderbox is purposefuly flexible, yojimbo is purpose-built to making, sorting and finding notes. Tags, smart folders, PDF/DOC/WebArchive/TEXT you name it. Just drop in and maybe tag later. Input is as simple as dragging an URL to the Yojimbo dropzone, which lives to the left of my screen. Hitting the apple key I can switch between bookmark or WebArchive for URLs. Simply dragging selected text from anywhere into Yojimbo works nicely too. Worry about proper tagging and filing later, if at all.

Verdict? I need to use it more to really tell. But it feels like actually a nice addition to Tinderbox. It let's me jot down stuff very quickly and frees my Tinderbox usage for the real data-mining. I guess over time it will much replace my NotesAndIdeas Tinderbox file...


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